Pro Trimmer Head 8x1.25 LHM Arbor


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Professional Tap'n'Go Trimmer Head for Red Max, Stihl, Shindaiwa, Ariens, Astron, Dolmar, and Brush King Trimmers

Easily load trimmer line without tools or disassembly
- Arbor size: 8 mm x 1.25 mm LHM (13268)
- Uses .095" trimmer line
- Bump feed trimmer head with metal insert for long life

BC260DL, BC261DL, BC262DL, BC340DL, BC341DL, BC342DL, BC2200E, BC2200LDC, BC2301S, BC2600DL, BC2601S, BC3400DL, BC4400DL, BCX2600S, BCZX2500S, BT2200LDC, G2KC, SGC2300DL, SGCX2600S

BP35, BP45, C25, C27, C250, F20, R20, R25, R35, T25, T250, T260, T261, T27, T270, T350

Fits Stihl
FS50, FS50E, FS50F, FS51, FS51AVE, FS55, FS55R, FS60, FS61, FS61AE, FS61E, FS65, FS65AVE, FS65AVRE, FS80E, FS80RE, FS86, FS90, FS90AVE, FS91, FS96

Fits Ariens
BC350, BC400, TB220E, TB260

Fits Astron
256E, KFS4 series, KFS12, KFS22, KFS24, P750, PK2400E, PK3300E, S250

Fits Brush King
BK32, BK32LT, BK49, BK85, BK100

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Part Number 73256