Case IH 9847684 Disc Mower Blade


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Blade for CASE IH Disc/Drum Mowers

Fits models: DC132, DC132F, DC162, DC162F, DC92, DC92F, DCX101, DCX131, DCX131F, DCX161, DCX91, MD72, MD82, MD92, MDX71, MDX81, MDX91, RD132, RD162, RD182, RDX131, RDX161, RDX181, TD102

MPN: 9847684

Length: 107 mm / 4 13/16 in
Width: 45 mm / 1 3/4 in
Hole: 22.8 mm / 7/8 in
Thickness: 4 mm / 3/16 in

Side: Left

Matching right blade: 29675

Part number 29674

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