Rectangle Tractor Light 12 Volt


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Halogen Work lamps are used to illuminate working space near vehicles, tractors, slow-moving machines, and any other places where 12V or 24V power is available.

Detailed information

Produces enough light to read a newspaper 115 feet away

• metal reflector
• black plastic housing
• black plastic frame
• glass lens
• twist-and-tilt joint
• wiring with seal, tipped with F2,5 and A2,5 terminals
• 6.14" X 3.62" X 3.35"
• 156mm x 92mm x 85mm

Additional features

The mount permits aiming in any direction with no need to remove lamp

Lamps additionally illuminate immediate foreground.

Bulbs (bulb included)

Fit bulb type:  H3 12V 55W


Rated IP55 - Protected from low pressure water

Mounting methods

Can be mounted vertically standing or pendent mounting.

Part Number: 0F01048 - 12V