Solo ® Type Pump Sprayer, 32958


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Solo ® Type Pump Sprayer is ideal for home, farm and commercial use. Piston pump delivers up to 44 PSI

- High-density, UV-resistant 1.3-gallon poly tank with built in wand holder
- Funnel top for easy filling
- Large carry handle for easy pumping
- Capacity: 1.3 Gallons
- Pressure guage at top of tank
- Nylon carrying strap
- Pressure relief valve release excess pressure at 44 PSI
- High quality metal wand with adjustable nozzle
- Hose and wand provide 68" reach

Instructions for filling tank and using sprayer:

1) Remove the handle and pump by turning counter-clockwise.  Fill the pump at the top. (see images)

2) Re-install the handle and pump turning counter-clockwise to tighten

3) Pump to desired pressure and begin spraying

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