Rectangle Tractor Work Light 12 Volt


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Halogen Work lamps are used to illuminate working space near vehicles, tractors, slow-moving machines, and any other places where 12V power is available.

Detailed information

Bright enough to read a newspaper at 115 feet away


• Metal reflector

• Black plastic housing

• Black plastic frame

• Glass lens

• Twist-and-tilt joint

• Wiring with seal, tipped with F2,5 and A2,5 terminals

• 156mm X 139mm X 85mm

• 6.14" x 5.47" X 3.35"

Additional features

The mount permits aiming in any direction with no need to remove lamp.
The wiring runs through the length of the mounting bolt.
Lamps additionally illuminate immediate foreground.

Bulbs (bulb included)

Fit bulb type:
H3 12V 55W


Rated IP55 - Protected against rain and mild dust

Mounting methods

Can be mounted in vertical position only.

Part Number 0F01045