Testing the Weedshark Pro

I got the opportunity to test one of Agristore USA's new products today: the Weedshark Pro.  The Weedshark Pro is a medium duty brush cutter with stainless steel teeth and .130" trimmer line.  Overall, I would rate the product as excellent.

For my test, I went aggressive to test the limits of the product.  I used a relatively thick patch of brush with some bushes and saplings (figure 1).  The bushes were live but a little on the dry side (figure 2).  The saplings ranged from 1/2" diameter to 1 1/2" diameter (figures 3 and 4).

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4

As you can see from the pictures, the Weedshark Pro was able to get through the bushes and saplings.  I was really impressed because the line didn't give out until I was through the 1 1/2" sapling.  Before I lost it, the wear on the line was normal.  For the small area, I lost about an inch of line and 1 of the strands was split and frayed.  For heavy duty brush cutting, I would not recommend the Weedshark Pro but it handled the medium growth extremely well (figures 5 and 6).

Figure 5 Figure 6

The Weedshark Pro would spin off of tough foliage unless a great deal of force was applied, just like any other trimmer head.  The video advertising describes a pulling action on tougher foliage but I did not see the action.  Nevertheless, the Weedshark Pro worked like a charm.

This Brush Cutter is Perfect for Medium Duty Work

I was able to clear the area in the above pictures in about 10 minutes.  I imagine I could have done it in 5, but I stopped periodically to check the status of the line and teeth.  I also spent a bit of time taking down the saplings.  Like I said before, the Weedshark Pro held up very well under pressure and only performed poorly against a 1 1/2" sapling.  Everything else was cut and trimmed easily.  After use, the stainless steel teeth had not lost any of their sharpness, although a small amount of damage was visible on one tooth (figure 7).  A piece of plastic broke off of the top side of the trimmer head but I imagine that it happened at the same time as the line ripping out (figure 8).

If you are planning on treating this powerful product with respect, it will do wonders for your brush cutting and clearing.  Of course, the head can be used for light trimming but it also has the ability to till small gardens (video 1).


Figure 7  Figure 8


Video 1


I give the Weedshark Pro 5 stars for medium duty brush cutting.  It has a good clear time and an excellent range of foliage that it can handle.  It will also handle some of the heavy duty brush, but it is not intended for that application and it will become damaged.  Stick with the medium brush and you'll be as satisfied as I am with your purchase.

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