BSP to NPT adapters for Hydraulic Top Link Cylinders


Hydaulic Top Links make it easy to attach your 3-point implement and make adjustments directly from the driver’s seat, saving time and increasing productivity. 

Agristore USA currently stocks both Category 1, 2, and 3 hydraulic top link cylinders with standard double-piloted check valves.  These check valves are a safety feature designed to keep the cylinder locked in position and prevent drift.  The hydraulic top links we carry have British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads in the ports.  BSP is the standard pipe threading worldwide, with the exception of the United States, which uses primarily National Pipe Thread (NPT). Because of this, all of our hydraulic top link cylinders include two BSP to NPT adapters (3/8” male to male), unless the cylinder is purchased with our nesting Hydraulic Hose Kits, in which case no adapters are needed.  Please note that BSP to NPT adapters must be used when attaching a pre-existing NPT hose kit from your tractor to our hydraulic top links. 

Check out our online catalog at for more information on the hydraulic top link cylinders, hose kits, and adapters we carry.

Have questions about hydraulic top links or still can’t find the one you need? We want to hear from you.  Contact us today at 317-329-5080 with your request.

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