Italian-made MAXX Grinder

The Italian-made MAXX grinder is the perfect grinder for high-volume chainsaw chain sharpening needs. Thanks to a patented easy system, the MAXX grinder allows for bi-directional grinding with a grinding wheel that rotates from the outside inwards, thus avoiding burrs or imperfections. There is also an automatic chain clamping mechanism that is activated when the head is lowered to ensure that the chain won’t slip during the sharpening process. 
The MAXX grinder will clamp anywhere from a .043 gauge chain to a .080 gauge without any adapter. Additional features include a built-in light and cast aluminum base, head, and table. AgriStoreUSA proudly offers the MAXX grinder along with a full line of replacement parts to keep your grinder running smoothly year after year. 
Please see video below and download the product manual here
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