Hydraulic System Informational Series - Pumps

Part two of the informational series on hydraulic systems. Today’s topic is hydraulic pumps.

Hydraulic pumps, sometimes called hydraulic motors, are usually powered by a PTO connection from the back of a tractor. Some pumps dead end the PTO connection while others provide extensions to implements. When the power from the tractor is transferred from the PTO to the pump, it creates the driving force on the hydraulic fluid that allows it to move cylinders and attachments. Most tractor pumps operate in an open system, which means that the fluid behind the pump is kept at atmospheric pressure. The hydraulic fluid is exposed in some way to the air and the pump provides all of the necessary power to move the fluid.

Agristore USA offers the Hydraulic PTO Tractor Pump. The distinguishing features between the five different pumps are the implement end and the output ratio. You can get 1-3/8” male or female on the implement side and the ratios come in 1 : 3, 1 : 3.5 and 1 : 3.8. For Agristore USA’s PTO pumps, click here.

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