Hydraulic Hose Kit with 1/2" Valve Type Couplers (36")


SKU: 67852

Hydraulic Top Link Hose Kit

- SAE 100 3/8" 2RAT Hydraulic Hose
- Length 35.4"
- Working pressure 4,800 PSI

Hose kit ready for installation to hydraulic top link.
- One hose with 3/8" BSP banjo fitting (connects to BSP fitting on our top link) and 1/2" valve type quick coupler
- One hose with 3/8" 90° fitting (connects to BSP fitting on our top link) and 1/2" valve type quick coupler
Note: The banjo fitting / 90° fitting combination allows hoses to nest easily.

Standard dust cap color is red but may vary on occasion as supplies dictate.

Also available with ball-type couplers.

You can use a 90° adapter between the quick couplers and hoses to route your hoses downward if need be.

Not sure which couplers you need? Click here to view pictures of the different ports.

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