C Shape or L Shape Tiller Tines

Finding replacement tiller tines can be a pain.  Hopefully this blog post can solve one of the mysteries of tiller tines. First, I'll talk about the differences between C shape and L shape tiller tines.  Further down, I'll give you some information on which you should choose for your soil.

You may have heard of C shape and L shape tiller tines and now you're not sure which ones to buy.  In many cases, Agristore USA stocks both C and L shape tines for the same tiller models.  

In general, L shape tines form a 90° angle.


C shape tines come in a broad variety of obtuse angles and will have a more gradual curve between the mounting end and the cutting end.


The two tiller tines above have the exact same mounting holes and fit the exact same tiller models.  However, when I put them together you can see the differences in soil depth and cutting angle.


These two tiller tines serve different purposes in the field.  The C shape tine on the left is better suited for medium-to-heavy clay, rocky soil, and densely packed soil.  The less aggressive angle allow the blade to penetrate the soil  more easily while getting a little deeper to mix tough soil.  The L shape tine on the right is better suited for sandy soil, loam, and loosely packed soil.  The 90° angle forces the entire cutting side of the blade to enter the soil at the same time.

For more information about different soil types and tiller tines, please see the United States Soil blog post.

For more information about right hand and left hand tiller tines, please see the Left Hand or Right Hand blog post.

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