Choosing the Right Hydraulic Hoses

Agristore USA offers two different hydraulic hose kits for our hydraulic top links. There's a hose kit with valve type couplers and one with ball type couplers.  How can you tell which one you need? Glad you asked! 

A good way to check is by looking at the hydraulic ports on the back of your tractor.

If they look something like this,



then you need the hose kit with valve type couplers.

If they look more like this,



then you need the hose kit with ball type couplers.

I hope this blog was able to give you some more information about how to determine which hose kit you need. As always, feel free to give us a call if you need additional assistance. We can be reached at 317-329-5080 from 8 - 5 EST.

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