Hydraulic System Informational Series - Fittings

Part three of the information series on hydraulic systems. Today’s topic is fittings.

Hydraulic fittings are arguably the more important parts of hydraulic systems.  I could about this topic at any point during the series, but I think it will help explain some of the future topics if I get the major fittings out of the way first.

Hose Connections

I’ll talk about hose connections first. The most basic fittings connect a piece of hose to inflow or outflow port.  These fittings are crimped on to the hose and there are many different kinds.  The important features to look for in these fittings are the hose size, thread type, and thread diameter.  Agristore USA carries banjo crimp fittings for SAE 100 1/4” 3/8” and 1/2” hose.  You can also find 90 degree swivel fittings. Link in the comments section below.

Quick Connectors

There are many other types of fittings that Agristore USA doesn’t currently offer, and they serve different purposes based on their design. Some minimize space while others maximize flexibility. The fittings I’d like to cover next are all about saving time. Quick connectors are an excellent option for operators who swap implements in and out on a daily basis. A quick connection consists of a male and a female end. To establish a connection between any two pieces of the hydraulic system, place the female end directly on one piece and attach the male end to a hose. Push them together until they lock into place and the connection is ready to move hydraulic fluid.  To disconnect, pull the sleeve down on the female end and the male end will pop out of place.  It’s a quick and easy process that eliminates the need for constant tightening and loosening of hose ends. Check out the link for quick couplers in the comments section below.


The last fittings I’d like to cover are adaptors. Adaptors allow for connections between various parts. For example, a valve with a 3/8” female port would need a 3/8” male to male adaptor to install a female quick connector. Agristore USA’s adaptors can convert from BSP to NPT, link other components, and in the near future will be able to adjust the size of a port’s connection.

You can find a list with pictures of all the current fittings on hand by clicking here.

Please leave a comment if you can't find a part you're looking for. We are currently expanding our product offering for this category and I would love to fulfill your request.

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