Hydraulic System Informational Series - Directional Control Valves

Part five of the information series on hydraulic systems. Today's topic is directional control valves.

This topic is going to be a shorter one because I made this handy diagram of the different parts of one of our spool valves. You can see all of the ports labelled and I believe the only one I need to explain is the power beyond port. The power beyond allows for an additional valve to be set up in sequence so that two valves can be used in different places. For example, you could set up two of our three-spool valves in sequence to operate a total of 6 different hydraulic cylinders by using the power beyond adaptor.

Agristore USA's directional control valves are open center, which means that hydraulic fluid can move freely when the levers are in the zero (no action) position. They are spring centered which means the levers will snap back to the zero position when the operator lets go. Detente kits allow the lever to stay in the one or two position after the operator lets go. 

Leave a comment if you would like for me to explain any more of the features. You can find these products for sale at market-low prices by clicking here.

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