Hydraulic System Informational Series - Filters

Part seven of the information series on hydraulic systems. Today’s topic is hydraulic filters.

Hydraulic fluid gets dirty. It can’t be avoided, but it can be fixed with a filter. Hydraulic filters are sold based on the thickness of the oil you are using and the type of threads on the mounting. Thicker oil will need a higher micron count.

How often should you change your filter? This is not a simple question to answer. It depends on usage, local weather, and how much sediment is actually getting into the system. These variables all contribute to the answer, but the only way to know for sure is to monitor the pressure in front of the filter. As the filter collects more particles, it becomes more difficult for the oil to pass through. Eventually, the capacity of the filter will fill up and a built-in pressure relief valve will open. You should get familiar with the pressure changes and change the filter when it is no longer useful to maximize the value and your time.

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