Exmark, Hustler, Jacobsen, Steiner 20 1/2" Mower Blades




Suitable replacement blade for Exmark, Hustler, Jacobsen, Steiner mowers

Fits 60" Exmark models: 850189, Explorer, Explorer II, Lazer Z, Turf Ranger, Turf Ranger 1800, Turf Tracer 1800, Turf Tracer Five Speed, Turf Tracer Hydro
*Three (3) blades required*
Fits Exmark part numbers: 1-603283, 1-603874, 103-3231, 103-3233, 103-3233-S, 603283, 603874

Fits Hustler 42" Zeon
*Two (2) blades required*
Fits Hustler part numbers: 602284, 602284X, 602288, 602698, 602698X

Fits Jacobsen 60" cut
*Three (3) blades required*
Fits Jacobsen part number 79050

Fits Steiner 60" cut
*Three (3) blades required*
Fits Steiner 79-035, 79-036, 79-050

Fits Mowmore part number EX20HL
Fits Oregon® part number 91-188
Fits Prime Line part number 7-04769
Fits Rotary part number 6250
Fits Stens part number 355-233
Fits Sunbelt part number B1SB6216

Length: 20 1/2"
Width: 2 1/2"
Thickness: 1/4"
Center Hole Diameter: 1/2" 

  • Balanced
  • Made in Italy
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