One-way Hydraulic Check Valve


SKU: E000022843

This valve allows for fluid to flow in one direction and blocks it from the other.

Body: galvanized steel
Internal parts: hardened and ground steel
Seal: guided cone - does not allow leakage

Connect V to the pressure flow and C to the actuator. Flow is free from V to C and blocked in the reverse direction.

Threads: 3/8" NPT

Flow rate: 45 L/min (approx. 11.9 gal/min)
Max pressure: 5075 PSI
Cracking pressure: ±6/10 PSI

Dimensions: L= 68 mm ( 2.67 in), HEX 24 mm (0.95 in), D = 26.5 (1.04 in)

OEM part number VN600

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